What To Do When Water Damage Is Found

When you find water damage on your property, it can be scary. It may be appropriate to bring a Chicago fire and water restoration company and/or a board up service Chicago. It’s essential to follow all these steps, which can help you keep yourself safe and limit the damage. Do as explained below:


  1. Figure Out If You Can Stay In The Building.

When it comes to water damage, safety is the most important aspect. Be careful at all times. If the flooding is caused by a natural disaster, it can pose a number of safety risks. Look at the building from the outside to see if the roof lines are moving, bulging, or sagging. Check to see if the walls are straight. Look for fissures on the outside of the property, focusing on corners and around doors and windows. If there are signals of structural damage on the outside of the building, you should stay outside and call an expert.


  1. Turn Off The Power And Watch Out For Dangers

When you notice water coming in, turn off the power. Combining water and electricity is a bad idea. To turn off the electricity in a building, you’ll need to go to the electrical panel and turn off the main circuit breakers. If the electrical panel is inside the building and you can’t get in, you’ll need to call an expert for assistance.


  1. Turn The Water Off At The Valve

You’ll also need to turn off the water valve, especially if the water is coming from inside, like from an appliance that is overflowing. Most of the time, the water shutoff valve is in the basement or outside of the building and points to the local water supply. Most of the time, it’s on the side that faces the street. To turn it off, you have to turn any knobs or levers clockwise.


  1. Figure Out The Type Of Water It Is

Once the electricity and water have been turned off, look more closely at the water. Find out where it came from and decide if it falls into categories 1, 2, or 3. Stay away from water that came from a toilet that overflowed, a brackish stream that overflowed, or another dangerous source.


  1. Take Pictures

As you look at the damage, be sure to take a lot of pictures. For an insurance claim, you’ll need proof, so make sure to take pictures of flood damage before you fix it. The more photos you can show to back up your claim, the stronger it will be. Take pictures of the water and any damage you find, both inside and outside the building.  Also of the affected walls, ceilings, floorboards, drainage vents, and any other affected areas.


  1. Provide Ventilation

Ventilation is an important part of drying, and you can start it yourself. If the water damage isn’t too bad, letting things dry on their own can make a big difference. As long as you don’t expect rain or bad weather, open any windows and doors near the affected area to let in as much air as possible. If it’s safe to have the power on, use fans too.


  1. Call A Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Chicago Service

Even if the water damage seems small, it’s important to call a professional fire restoration company Chicago when it happens in a business. Even water in category one can become dangerous if it sits for a long time. Moisture that isn’t taken care of can cause bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow, or it can make structural damage worse. Restoration Service #1 is a professional company that will do everything it takes to make sure your building is safe, sound, and free of water damage.