Fire is one of the most terrifying experiences anyone can experience. Furthermore, it causes terrible damage to your property. This damage is caused not only by the fire, but also the smoke and the water used to fight the fire.

The best defense is, of course, prevention. This includes maintaining fire detectors and ensuring that their batteries are charged. Putting in some extra effort when it comes to fire prevention is well worth the effort, as opposed to having to deal with a fire damage restoration Chicago property owners would certainly like to avoid.

It is an unfortunate fact that fires can happen even in the safest and most well-protected properties. For this reason, it is vital that your family or staff are aware of an escape plan.

Each room or office requires a plan, and your family or colleagues should be prepared to respond right away from anywhere in the property.
Keep reading to find out more regarding important facts related to fire damage restoration.


One of the first steps to take after a fire is to call on a fire restoration company Chicago property owners can usually contact on a 24/7 basis. This is a professional service that specializes in returning a property to its prior undamaged state. Their expert services are used in almost all fire-damaged houses and commercial buildings. They understand the urgency and will respond in the fastest possible time. You can count on them to restore your property and get your life or business back on track.

Their first step is to visit the site to assess the damage. This will be followed by an estimate and outlined scope of work to cover the necessary repairs and restoration.
In order to help you understand the process of the fire restoration Chicago property owners can be sure that the details of the inspection and repair process will be clearly explained and outlined.

Companies that specialize in fire restoration will work closely with insurance providers and communicate any insurance related issues to you.
There are of course instances when something is not worth the time or money to fix or repair. A reliable Chicago fire and water restoration company will communicate this clearly to both you and your insurance adjuster.


One of the first actions that a fire restoration company undertakes is to assess the building’s foundation and structural integrity. They will carry out any necessary emergency repairs to stop any further damage from occurring. Without expert assistance, the cleaning up process after a fire is incredibly difficult.

Once the structure is declared secure, any excess water is removed via specific extraction techniques. This is followed by a dehumidification process to get rid of moisture in the afflicted regions. The smoke and soot will be dealt with next.
Smoke created by fire is a hazardous cocktail of chemicals and toxins that can endanger both your health and your property.

The cleanup process of smoke is particularly complicated. Smoke can be harmful to your lungs, and in addition to leaving behind an unpleasant smell, smoke can discolor and corrode a variety of materials. Once the damage is done, it is very challenging to resolve.
Smoke damage and the extent thereof can differ based on its origins, for instance wet, dry, protein, gasoline or oil.

1. Wet smoke caused by low heat is one of the most challenging types of smoke to clean.
2. A fire that burns fast will burn at a higher temperature.
3. Protein smoke tends to be invisible with a very unpleasant smell. This type of smoke causes discoloration to materials, especially varnishes.
4. Fuel-oil smoke is often caused by a furnace fault and produces lots of soot.